Beijing FortuneStar S&T Development Co., Ltd. ( FortuneStar ) is a biochemical enterprise involving in production, R & D, processing deal for export and trading. FortuneStar is a manufacturer of food additives such as amino acids and so on, and also acts as a trader of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates........
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   HI in Frankfurt in Nov.14-16,2006
   FIC Exhibition in Shanghai on Mar.28-30,2007.
   CPHI Shanghai from Jun.19 to 21, 2007

Hongkong United Biochemistry Co., Ltd.( UBiochem ) is the sub-company of Beijing FortuneStar S&T Development Co., Ltd..
It is mainly responsible for marketing and investigatating biochemical products in overseas markets,deepening cooperations with overseas customers, assising R&D Center of FortuneStar and promoting its new products. UBiochem also exerts itself to develop new cooperations with some local pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises and overseas business in other fields.

As a vigorous enterprise,UBiochem will keep principle of mutual benefit and exploit new business fields continuously to serve more and different customers together with FortuneStar.

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