Cement-Retarder is our Specialty chemical manufactured by: Hebei Smart Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


Mainly used as a highly effective cement retarder to control the thickening time of cement slury in oilfield industry SM-2 is a free flowing powder that may be dry blended with cement before mixing. It may be used to control the setting of a slurry for bottom hole circulating temperatures up to 250°F. In saturated salt slurries it may be used to 350°F. In fresh water cementing systems it may be used up to 430°F. SM-2 has a retarding and dispersing effect on the cement slurry during placement. SM-2 may be used for retarding any API class of cement(A,C,G or H). It may be used with other cement additives such as fluid loss additives, silica flour, dispersants, defoamers and weighting materials.


50lb bags

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