Company Introduction

Our factory is one of the biggest well-known manufacturing groups in China for "Three Gel". It is specialized in producing gelatin and bone glue. We are one of the members of China Gelatin Association and the factory was recommended as Medication-Food Export Base. Since it is a welfare factory, it can get the circulating fund without interest from the national administration organ . And there are many fresh materials nearby our factory. So our factory can provide a lot of products at lowest price and best quality. Our factory is production manufacturer for high grade Chinese gelatin. It enjoys a high business reputation. Our factory received SGS ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Our factory is fully equipped with stainless steel equipment and strictest technology. We choose fresh bone and skins, then repeat washing ,degrease, neutralize, liquefy, sterilize with four seconds at 140°C,filtrate,concentrate,sterilize again, dry and inspect. We have the capability to manufacture the powder in size of 5-80 mesh. From choosing materials to the finished products, from microelement content inspection to microbe index control, we carry out HACCP Management. Our products are in accordance with the standard of the Europe and America as BP98,CP95,USP24. Our inspection methods are based on the international standard. 90% of our products are exported abroad. We have export packages certificate. The packages are double layers, the outside of which is woven bag, paper-plastic or cardboard drum and inside of which is bacterial plastic bag in moistureproof. Packing in 25,40 or 50 kgs shipping marks to be designed by the buyer in English or no. We also have a specialized in the Islamic production branch plant and provide Halal Warrant. We can offer the agent service to handle SGS ITS quality certificate for the buyers' need. We can provide Chinese CIQ Veterinary Health Certificate in English and Passport Certificate Warrant.

Our products can be widely used in making hard gelatin capsule, soft capsule, pharmaceutical preparation capsule, hemostatic cotton, sugar coating, candy, cake, cold drink, sausage, ice-cream, cheese, ham, instant noodles, canning, meet skins jelly, beer clarified, feedstuff, emery cloth, emery paper, textile, printing & dyeing, match, electrodeposit, chinaware, furniture, leather, scutcheon, ink,etc.. Our products are different in types. We promise a timely delivery and keep the same prices for at least half of a year.



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