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In 1996, Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in Taizhou of Zhejiang Province.
In 2003, Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was reorganized in Jiangxi Province.

The company is located in the scenic Industrial Park in Fengxin of Jiangxi Province, 55 kilometers far from Nanchang, with the total area of 80,000 square meters, and construction area of 45,000 square meters. Factories of our company were constructed in accordance with the GMP standard, and the facilities were well-equipped according to international API production requirements.

Our main products are APIs, liquid crystal compounds and intermediates. The capacity and quality of products are in the domestic leading level. We have various glass-lined and over 400 stainless steel reactors with the vessel from 50 to 5,000 L and the total reaction volume of more than 1, 000,000L..

Jiangxi Synergy is an API plant with most strict quality management in China. Our main APIs all have their DMFs to support, and ICH Q7 and other related documents are of good implementation. Passing official quality system inspection with zero-defect is our pursuit. Our main products have passed GMP audit by SFDA, US-FDA, PMDA. And we have received over 50 times of qualify audits from our customers. Over 95% of our products are sold to more than 30 territories.

 Our strong R&D potency is a guarantee to maintain market competitiveness, keep introducing new products, and receive processing orders. The annual R & D Input accounts for more than 6% of sales. Meanwhile, we pay more money to bring in talented personnel, extensively cooperate with scientific research institutions and R & D investment, all of which ensure the continuous improvements of R&D potency.

Safety culture is an important part in Jiangxi Synergy’s culture. We are in pursuit of the security management pattern of full participation and cooperative teams and implement of EHS management. Our security policy is " Safety first, precaution crucial; Full-crew participation and comprehensive improvement; Practice the PDCA management pattern on base of risk management, create the safety environment of cooperative team and staff, and ensure the production safety." And people in Jiangxi Synergy believe that responsibility in EHS concept is an important guarantee for sustainable development of enterprise.

We have formed our corporation culture with core philosophy of Seriousness, Honesty, Teamwork, Self promotion in development. Seriousness is the most important working attitude we advocated , with which we are concentrating on implementing the first-rate management, training first-class talents, producing top-notch qualify, and establishing first-class enterprise. With the constant effort and support of our staff, the company is on the road of being one of the best-known APIs manufacture base in China.                 >> More

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  ADD: Jiangxi Fengxin Industrial Park, Fengxin,Jiangxi 330700,P.R.China
Tel: +86-795- 4605771,4605608
Fax: +86-795-4605772
E-mail: info@jxsynergy.com
Shanghai Office (Sales & Marketing)
Add: Rm. 2810, JingAn China Tower, No.1701 Beijing Road West, Shanghai, 200040, China.
Tel: +86-21-6288 6322    Fax:+86-21-6288 0266
E-mail: sales@jxsynergy.com
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