Cyanuric acid ,THEIC--Haida Chemical

Quality policy
"high quality staff, advanced technology, scientific management, excellent quality"
Improve the quality of staff , ensure advanced developing direction;
The next procedure is customer;
Keep innovating , always make you feel content;
Quality target
The yield of first time test is 100%, the content percent of service is 100%;
"HAIDA" becomes a famous brand
Quality promise
We must abide these policy to ensure the 100% yield.

Brief of QC system:
Acccording the ISO9002 standard, we built a QC system which have got the authentication of CQM, we have one central lab, and own a serial papers in evaluation, purchase, control, test, storage , service etc. These ensure our 100% yield, we will make the "HAIDA " be a famous brand.



The diagram of material QC system

The diagram of Inspection