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Sulphur yellow GC 250%

Sulphur yellow GC  250% 
2.Apperance:shining black granule 
3.fast dyeing   
4.used on cotton ,paper and viscose 
we are manufacture of sulphur black dyes in china.
             Mainly used for dyeing and winding dyeing on cotton, jute, viscose,
             polyvinyl alcohol fibre and polyester, polyamide fibre,
             especially used for rolling dyeing. It is uniform and stable in colour,
             good permeability when dyeing without any fragile treatment.
              It is also used for dyeing on Leather and original viscose fibre.
Storage and transportation
          It must be store in drying and ventilation preventing from sunlight directly,
          moisture or hot. Must be careful with it and prevent from damaging the packing.

         25kg woven bag or iron drum lined with polythene.

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