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Potassium persulfate
Potassium Sulphate
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Reagent grade ammonium persulfate
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Add:North 200 meters, Donghuan Road, Taipingqian East, Bazhou, Hebei, China
Contact:Xu Zhiqiang general
manager +86-13930621948

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Xinshengyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a company with long history to   produce inorganic chemical productions specially contained kalium (K) and ammonium (NH4+). Its precursor is a collective business enterprise, and it was engaged in K2SO4 for medicine and industry in 1970s, and the output could be 10,000T every year. The sale is very well, the products occupy the market north to Yangtze River, and the sale is more than 75% of total national sale above.

At the begin of 2004, our factory reformed the system, and renamed Xinshengyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. , and the chairman of board is Zhao Rongcai, the initiator of our factory. Because of the business development, the company moved from Wenan to Bazhou City, and added a production line to produce K2SO4. The total area is 28,000m2, the building area is 7,000 m2, employees are 118, and 72% of them have professional educational background of chemical engineering.

The output of K2S2O8 is 8,000T every year, and thereinto the reagent product is 500T, the chemical fiber product is 2,000T, and the industry product is 5,500T. All of the products absorbed the excellence of other company and the equipments are perfect. The electrobath is sealed by alloy with Cr and Pt, the retort and inner of filter is 1Cr18Ni9Ti for avoiding the pollution during producing, the refrigeration is the most advanced unit about crystal size from Yantai Refrigerant Machine Factory, and synchronously the company dug a deep well with 600m to produce the reagent K2S2O8.

The laboratory instruments and equipments are excellent and well-found, and we appoint the advanced technicians to analyze and manage. The workers obtained the qualifications certificate. All of these settle the good base to the perfect productions.

To improve the manage level and to produce the good products, the company has passed the international quality system authentication of ISO9000 and ISO14000.The result obtained today to owe to the support of customers strongly. We would carry out to work to be a person first, take trustworthiness as the root, and offer the stable and good products to customers.
Board chairman: Zhao Gongbing
General manager, Xu Zhiqiang welcomes everyone to the company for reviewing and transacting.