Product name: Trichloromethane
CAS RN: 67-66-3
EINECS No.: 200-663-8
Molecular formula: C3H12Cl3
Molecular weight: 154.488

Trichloromethane is colorless transparent volatile liquid, with special sweet taste. Relative Density(20°C/4°C)1.489, Freezing point-63.55°C, Boiling point61.6°C, Refractive index1.4467, solubility parameter δ=9.4. LD50909mg/kg, The maximum allowed concentration in the air 240mg/m3( or 0.005%). Used as the solvent of resin and rubber, can dissolve polystyrene, ABS, polymethyl methacrylate poly (vinyl alcohol) shrink butyl aldehyde, chlorinated polyether, styrenebutadiene rubber, or used in the preparation of solvent adhesive. Stored in a cool, well-ventilated area , avoid light and heat .

Storage and shelf life: Sealed tightly, kept in dark place at 30°C or less. colorless transparent heavy liquid at room temperature, extremely volatile matter.